Welcome to our magical LAS forest, web wanderer!

What is the LAS Festival?

In a world torn apart by divisions, we create a microcosm based on empathy, love and understanding – a family welcoming with open arms all open-minded people. For the sixth year in a row, we will meet in the heart of nature to cultivate the values that unite us all, surrounded by the most beautiful of sounds and the most sincere of smiles.

Year 2023 is a continuation of our best traditions, seasoned with a few revolutionary ideas. We create a space where various musical genres coexist next to each other. We show that human beings are capable of building a single vast community, with love and mutual respect at the foundation. Besides smaller surprise stages, this year also will see the festival divided musically into five diverse stages.

What brings you here?

If you wish to join the LAS Family, there are several ways to do it

Send us your music and present your material at the festival. We will consider all applications in 2023.

    Use your talents to help us create this magical space

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      RISING stage